Very few wine shipping companies can help grow your direct to consumer wine sales

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2021 Wine Ecommerce

More consumers are enjoying your wine at home now more than ever.

Your customer loves your brand and wants it now. They don’t just want it now, they want it yesterday. You need to meet the ever-growing demand of online shoppers by connecting to the most reliable shipping partners in the industry. When you switch from other national shipping carriers to a technology partner like X Delivery, you meet and exceed the standard of your growing at-home customer base.

Don’t let shifting market demand slow down your growth. Although more and more United States restaurants and bars are opening to the public, ‘at-home’ demand continues to rise in all consumer product categories - especially wine!

Meet regulatory standards

You need a partner who is 100% aware and considerate of federal, state and local delivery requirements. Remove this headache now.

Protect your margins

Zone based shipping rates are overly complicated and blended rates are inaccurate. You need a simple wine shipping pricing model to 10x your growth and maintain predictable forecasting.

Grow with no fear

Old school shipping carriers run from new regulations. You need a wine shipping company with a radar for incoming regulations. You begin a partnership with people and technology dedicated to fixing logistics and protecting your growth in a specialty market.

Sounds great. What does it cost?

Simple wine shipping pricing to fuel your direct to consumer wine sales

You’re not a fan of extra fees or surcharges. We provide an all-in-one rate by the pound to help you simplify your business growth forecasting. Shipping wine has historically been driven by wine shipping companies who want to nickel and dime you to cover the expenses of their fleets of vans, trucks, and planes.
X Delivery provides you with simple pricing to help you save money.
Your search for wine shipping ends now.


Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery before the holiday season.

Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery before the holiday season.

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